Neue Kreation von MacGyver

Analoger Synthesizer selbstgemacht


Wie man diesen Synthesizer so hinbekommt, erklärt der Macher Pete McBennett am besten selbst. Auf jeden Fall klingt die DIY-Kreation sehr vielversprechend!

In der Videobeschreibung auf YouTube schreibt er: “This is a pulse width modulated oscillator, routed through a light-controlled resonant low pass filter. My objective was to produce a true synth sound with minimum parts count and all commonly available parts. By “true synth sound” I mean FAT dual oscillator tonality (via PWM) and a sweet high-resonance low pass filter. The light-control aspect gives amazing musical expression, as seen in the video clip. Made from all generic op-amps. (LM358, LM1458, LM741 all work equally well.) It can be tuned to any scale via the eight tunable potentiometers. Through a nice amp it absolutely GROWLS with earth-shaking bass frequencies.”


>>Hier geht’s zur Plan-Skizze<<


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