Die Specs des Hardware-Hybrid-Synths sind jetzt verfügbar

U.D.O. Audio Super 6 kommt


Auf der letzten Superbooth wurde der Hybrid-Synthesizer Super 6 von U.D.O. Audio schon vorgestellt. Jetzt wurden auch die Specs des Hardware-Boliden rausgerückt.


Der von Axel Hartmann designte Edel-Synth bietet eine 12stimmige, binaurale (zwei unabhängige Signalpfade), hybride Klangerzeugung mit analogen Resonanz-Filtern und zwei FPGA-basierten digitalen Oszillatoren pro Stimme. Anscheinend wird es auch eine optionale multi-timbrale Betriebsart geben, die man kostenpflichtig entsperren kann.

Hier die Features von Super 6:

  • Two Wavetable FPGA-based Direct Digital Synthesiser Oscillators per voice.
  • DDS1 (Direct Digital Synthesizer)
  • FPGA Based Super-Wavetable Oscillator Core sampled at 40MHz with Centroid-Oscillator and 6 sister oscillators dynamically detuned & de-phased in the stereo field
  • Sine, Sawtooth, Squarewave, Triangle, Noise
  • 16 Wavetables that can be user-defined
  • Range adjustable from 2’ to 64’
  • DDS2
  • FPGA Based Wavetable Oscillator Core sampled at 40MHz
  • Sinewave, Sawtooth, Square, Triangle, Noise and Pulse Waveforms
  • Hard-Sync to DDS1
  • Crossfade with DDS1 with adjustable split-point on the keyboard
  • LFO Mode
  • Sub-Oscillator Mode Active when in LFO Mode
  • Variable Pulse Width and PWM
  • Adjusts Mix-Level of DDS1 and DDS2 Audio Paths
  • When in Oscillator X-Fade mode, adjusts Split-Point on Keyboard

Voltage Controlled Filter
  • Analogue 4 Pole Low-Pass Self-Resonant Filter
  • Two Levels of Overdrive
  • High-Pass Filter with Fixed Frequency or Linked to Low Pass Filter for BandPass response
  • Selectable Keyboard Tracking with Filter Autotune For Accurate Keyboard Tracking
  • Modulation by ENV1 &/or ENV2, LFO1 and DDS2
Voltage Controlled Amplifier
  • Analogue VCA with Selectable Fixed or Variable Envelope (ENV2)
  • Dynamics Control For Velocity Sensitivity
  • Modulation By LFO1


DDS Modulator
  • LFO and Envelope Control of DDS1 & DDS2 Pitch
  • Selectable ½ Super or Full Super Mode for DDS1
  • Variable Detune Control For Super Waves and Variable Pulse Width control for selected Standard Waves
  • LFO and or ENV1 can modulate the depth of Detune for the Super-Waves and the Pulse Width for the standard waves
  • DDS2 to DDS1 Cross Modulation for Deep FM Sounds
  • ENV1 Invertible Hold-Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release, Multiple Destinations
  • Looping Mode Selectable Keyboard-Tracking for LFO and FM Duties
  • ENV2 Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release, Multiple Destinations
  • Main LFO with rate adjustable from 0.05Hz to 20kHz in Low and High-frequency modes
  • One LFO per-voice implementation
  • Left – Right Phase Control for Stereo Effects and Harnessing The Binaural Sound Engine
  • One-Shot Mode for Envelope Duties
  • Keyboard Tracking Mode for FM sounds
  • LFO1 can be mapped through the DDS1 or DDS2 Audio path in either Fixed or Tracking modes for use as a Drone or Third-Oscillator
  • Free-Running, or Reset on note press or Beginning of Bar for Sequencer/Arpeggiator
Modulation Matrix
  • Intuitive Modulation Matrix For Second-Tier Modulation Functions
  • LEDs give clear feedback on assignment Depths
  • 20x Audio Rate Oversampling Computation
Audio Input
  • Stereo Audio input that can be fed through the 12 Analog Filters and the effects section
  • Audio to Gate Trigger with variable-gain input stage
Keyboard & Controller Section
  • 49 key Fatar Mechanism with Velocity and Aftertouch
  • Two-Axis Bender with LFO trigger
  • Voice Modes Poly 1, Poly 2, Variable Size Unison, Solo and Legato
  • Keyboard Adjacent Dedicated Controls for Bend Range to DDS1/2 and VCF
  • Global LFO2 with Rate and Delay Controls.  Triggered and Always-On modes
  • Variable Portamento
  • Playable Spring-Lever Keyboard Octave Selector
  • MPE MIDI Compliance with mapping to Press and Release Velocity, Bend, Poly Pressure and Expression
  • MIDI Syncable Multimode arpeggiator with Smart-Hold
  • 1-4 Octave Range selectable for Arpeggiator
  • MIDI Syncable 64 – Step Sequencer with Programmable Note, Rest, Slide and Accent Controls
  • LFO1 and Delay Controls CAn be Locked to Arpeggiator/Sequencer Clock
  • 64 Sequence Memories
  • Dual Mode Stereo Chorus using 24-bit 192kHz processing
  • Syncable & Modulatable Stereo Delay with 24-bit 192kHz processing
  • 64 User Patch Memories
  • Patch, Sequence & Waveform Management via simple USB ‘Memory Stick’ type interface
  • Easy access buttons and a Menu-Free Interface
IO Connections
  • MIDI In, Out and Hardware-Thru on DIN Connectors
  • USB For MIDI, Patch & Sequence Management and Waveform Download
  • Audio Input on Stereo ¼” Jacks
  • Expression Pedal Input.  Responds to CV inputs 0-5V and routed to Modulation Matrix
  • Sustain Pedal Input.  Accepts standard momentary footswitch
  • Main Output Left and Right on ¼” Jacks
  • High-Quality Stereo Headphone Power Amplifier
Integration & Other Specs
  • Easy Disk-Access Patch & Sequence Management and Waveform Download
  • (Unlock Multi-timbral Mode) not on release
  • (Unlock Deeper Modulation Capabilities) not on release
  • Easy OS Upgrade
  • Universal (Worldwide) Mains AC input on IEC C14 Connector: 30W Power Consumption
  • Weight approximately 10kg
  • Size approximately 846 x 360 x 100 (including feet and knobs)


Super 6 kostet vorrausichtlich ca. 2000 britische Pfund.

UDO Audio

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