Trigger-Sequenzer fürs Eurorack

Tesseract Tukra Sequenzer


Der Hardware-Hersteller Tesseract hat jetzt ein Sequenzer-Modul (32 HP) mit vielen Features im Programm. Er eignet sich gut zur Erstellung von Drumtracks.


Tukra ist ein Trigger-Sequenzer mit acht Spuren. Ein Projekt kann bis 64 Pattern (mit jeweils 64 Steps) und 16 Songs beinhalten. 64 Projekte lassen sich auf MicroSD-Card abspeichern. Eine Spur kann individuelle Clock-Divider-Werte, Länge und Play-Mode haben.

Die Features von Tukra:

  • 8 trigger/gate, clock & reset outputs. Clock & reset inputs.

  • 4 CV inputs with offset potentiometers (so they’re manual controls when no CV is plugged in).

  • Audio L & R out (6 additional ones with the expander for independent track output).

  • Front panel midi TRS in & out, and USB host for midi controllers.

  • Midi note and channel configurable per track & song, midi note and velocity can be set by the step value.

  • Drum synth, noise with envelope and ‘one shot’ sample player (factory and user banks) per track.

  • Flexible sample selection (each track can play up to 128 samples).

  • Mixer with volume, balance, reverb, bit crusher, filter cutoff, resonance and type (smoothly crossfades LP – BP – HP).

  • CV & assignable midi CC plus 8 internal LFOs, 3 stepped random sources and step value.

  • Modulation matrix for almost all parameters.

  • Probability for step, gate and roll.

  • Euclidean Rhythm Generator.

  • ‘Ramifications’ generative tool.

  • Live view with solo, mute, fill, roll, invert pattern, reverse play direction and rotate.

  • High precision internal clock source and low latency.

  • External synch (via trigger, midi TRS or USB).

  • Triplets and swing (aka ‘shuffle’), triplet and swing can be generated from a straight clock input or midi clock.

  • Micro grid edit, each step has 6 micro steps (24 ppq).

  • Half and double tempo functions.

Tukra kostet 299,- €.


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