Neuer paraphoner halbmodularer Synthesizer

Radikal Technologies Delta CEP A ist da


Der sehr leistungsfähige, halbmodulare Synthesizer Delta CEP A von der deutschen Hardwareschmiede Radikal Technologies ist jetzt verfügbar.


Das Gerät verfügt über neun Module, darunter ein Swarm Oszillator, der vierfach parafon spielbar ist. Zu den Top-Features gehört außerdem die Möglichkeit, Sounds mit Hilfe eines Snapshot-Systems abzuspeichern und diese zu morphen.

Die Features Delta CEP A:

  • The Delta CEP A is semi-modular, so it can be used as a pre-patched synth voice, without the need for any patch cables. But patch points are available to allow you to override the default patching to create custom sounds or to use the synth’s individual modules within your Eurorack system.
  • The Delta CEP A also features a unique ‘snapshot’ system, that lets you store the states of settings on the synth, and even interpolate between them or sequence from one snapshot to another.
  • It also offers a well-equipped MIDI to CV interface, significant when wanting to use the instrument in paraphonic mode. It also has additional outputs for connecting to external Eurorack modules, and a dedicated digital bus for controlling Radikal Technologies’ RT-311 Swarm Oscillator.
  • The LFO 1 section features five waveforms, MIDI and clock synchronisation, and an invertible DEPTH control for modulation purposes.
  • The synth’s swarm oscillator is accessed via the SWARM OSC section; PARAPHONIC play mode (allowing four voices to be simultaneously played), PITCH quantisation, and easy tuning (DETUNING) access.
  • The MIXER section mixes the outputs from the swarm oscillator and the noise source or an external signal for the filter.
  • The VCF (Voltage Controlled Filter) section offers an analog 12 dB multimode filter, alongside a stereo digital emulation of that 12 dB multimode filter, plus a digital 24 dB lowpass filter.
  • ADSR section with ‘snappy-sounding curves’, together with ATTACK and DECAY voltage control inputs.
  • VCA that can be controlled by either the ADSR envelope or GATE signal, while also providing external inputs for the FX processor section, which features stereo delay effects, as well as chorus, flanging, and phasing.
  • 23 knobs, 14 buttons, 28 RGB LEDs, 14 outputs, and 17 inputs.
  • Stereo OUTPUT; stereo FX-INPUT; MIDI IN, OUT, and THRU; and DC 12-19V, 2A DC-IN connections, plus onboard ON/OFF switch.

Delta CEP A kostet 899.00 EUR (Eurorack) und 1,198.00 EUR (Desktop-Version)

Radikal Technologies


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