Update mit mehr FSL-Slots

Microsoft Windows 10-Update ermöglicht mehr Plug-ins in der DAW


Microsoft hat ein Preview Build von Windows 10 released und verspricht, dass man mit dem Update in einer DAW mehr Plug-ins aktivieren kann. Das Update kommt in der ersten Jahreshälfte 2019.


Windows bietet damit nicht mehr Prozessor-Power, aber es werden Limitierungen, die die FLS (Fiber Local Storage)-Slots betreffen, aufgehoben. Die Zahl der möglichen FLS-Slots (ein Plug-in kann mehrere solcher Slots benötigen) wurde deutlich erhöht (von 128 auf über 4000), so dass man jetzt potentiell tausende von Plug-ins laden kann.

Windows Audio-Spezialist Pete Brown sagt dazu  (auf Synthopia):

“What was happening was that the DAW was using, say 40 slots itself, and then people with really complex projects were using many unique plugins (not instances, but completely different plugins) in their projects, and were running into problems loading the last ones that would have put the FLS count > 128.

That’s typically a very complex project on a pretty beefy system, but some folks were actually hitting that. The DAW would simply refuse to add an instance of that next plugin. They could use new instances of existing plugins in the DAW, because the code had already been loaded and initialized, but new plugins (new DLLs that haven’t already been loaded into the project) would just fail.

Now, we’d really like developers to dynamically link the runtime so that we could service it (bug and security fixes) without requiring developers to recompile their plugins. But we know that’s not likely to happen anytime soon, and for old plugins: never. So we changed the limit of slots from 128 to just over 4000.

Developers don’t need to do anything, but end users will no longer have their DAW plugin count capped by this limitation. The new count means that, today, users will run out of memory and processor time before they run out of FLS slots. But we’ve made it much easier for us to change in the future if/when we need to make it more than 4000.

The limitation goes back to the Vista and XP timeframe. The reason folks are running into it now, is PCs have gotten so powerful, that musicians are hitting this limit where before they would simply run out of memory or CPU.”

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