Vierstimmiger Analog-Synth mit vielen Features

Blind Monk Instruments Navigator: neuer Hardware-Synthesizer vorgestellt


Navigator ist ein neuer, vierstimmiger Hardware-Synth von Blind Monk Instruments.


Er verfügt über eine analoge Klangerzeugung, die pro Stimme mit zwei DCOs und einem Sub-Oszillator arbeitet und vierfach polyfon, duofon, monofon und im Unisono Mode betrieben werden kann. An Bord sind drei LFOs, zwei Hüllkurven,ein Zweipol-Tiefpass-Filter und ein Sequqnzer mit 64 Steps.

Die Features des Navigator:

  • Four-voice analog synthesizer
  • Each voice has:
    • 2 Oscillators + Sub Oscillator + Ring Modulator
    • 3 LFOs
    • 2 ADSR envelops
    • 2 pole fully resonant low pass filter
    • saw, pulse, and ring modulator wave shapes
  • 64 step sequencer
    • chord memory mode
    • artificially intelligent sequence generator
    • oscillator shape control for double saw tooth, pulse wave, and ring modulation
    • unique ring modulator timbre control
  • Polyphonic, Duophonic, Unison, and Mono modes
    • 150 patch storage locations
    • 10 sequencer / chord memory storage locations
    • 10 different sequence generator algorithms
  • sequencer automation control for all main menu functions
    • dozens of modulation destinations
    • millions of possible sounds
  • capable of loading different sounds for each of the four voices
    • full of cross modulation capabilities
    • square, triangle, saw, ramp, sample + hold, unique quad sine LFO shapes
  • unique architechure
    • With all other DCO synthesizers, each voice is locked to the same master frequency. In the Navigator, each voice has an independent frequency. This allows for stability while also creating a natural analog sound and phasing between oscillators.
  • velocity control of the filter envelope, the attack, and glide for greater performance control
  • LFO one can be synced between all voices or free running as well as synced via MIDI
  • Sequencer MIDI sync
  • MIDI control over all parameters

Navigator kostet 595,- $.


Blind Monk Instruments


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